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Welcome to my homepage.

After a long time you’ll find a short update (read here what’s new). I hope to update my page more regulary in the future. If you have any tips or feedback please let me know.

With my homepage I would like to show you a part of the world of Registration Plate Collecting. I also present you a small part of my worldwide collection. I started collecting registration  plates of  motor vehicles since 1985. Up to date my collection  contains some 2.500 plates from all five continents.If you have any questions regarding this hobby or if you have any comments please sent me an e-mail .

Beside this, if you ever have an old plate available for a collector like me, please don't hesitate to offer it to me. There is no doubt that I will refund you at least your cost of shipping.

That's me with my award winning Iceland display
from this years national meeting in Bad Camberg (Germany)
(pictures from the meeting)

Around the world there are about 5,000 active  collectors of registration plates known. Most of these collectors are organized in several clubs. In Germany there is AKS (Automobil-Kennzeichen-Sammler)  with around 100 Members, in Europe Europlate has about 500 members  from all over the world. In Europe there are also clubs known in The Netherlands  and Belgium. Down Under number plate freaks are organized in NPCC (Number Plate Collectors Club). The biggest club is located in the USA. ALPCA (Automobil License Plate Collectors Association) is founded already in 1954 and is frequented from collectors from all continents.

On the following pages I'll give you a first view into my collection:

Last updates and furthers plans

This time I show a new article which was printed in the last issue of AKS-Depesche and describes all about the number plate system in the Seychelles (article is only available in German) and shows several photos. Further articles you can find here (e. g. Andorra, German insurance plates).

In the last Updates the following was added:

Last time I integrated some new plates in the peacekeeping section. These are plates from Bosnia IFOR and some from Kosovo UNMIK and OSCE. The OSCE is the first I got from this organisation.

The update before I added two newies in my GDR collection. One is the long missing QA code for foreign journalists and the other is an unknown special seal for diplomatic plates from the yaer 1986. You find both in the GDR section on the diplomatic page and the seals page.

And also a long searched plate from the “blue” series of the British Occupation Zone.

This time I newly integrated a part regarding the special history of the post war number plates of Saarland . A short time ago I was able to find two plates from this very special time for my collection which I can show you in this chapter. I also describe the issues of number plates from 1945 to 1958 (when the Saarland came back to Germany).

Again I have updated the list of the Peacekeeping Missions and added some new mission plates of my collection in pictures (e.g. KFOR and EULEX).

After a long time of search I added a By-coded plate from the French Occupation Zone for Lindau.

In the part regarding the Federal Republic of Germany I added plates from Government as well as from several current and past authorithies. Beside that I updated the plates used for export and test drives. Also the seals section is now even bigger.

For the future I still plan to include the codelists of the western occupation zones as well as some plates from the governments of the federal states in the "Plate History of the Federal Republic of Germany".  Furthermore I will include the codelist of the Federal Post, Federal Railway and Customs offices. Furthermore I will show you the history of German insurance plates shortly.

Suggestions / Tips / Comments / plate offers?  Than e-mail me




You can also contact me by snail mail or fax:
Ralf Hegewald, Wacholderweg 6, D-28876 Oyten, Germany
Fax: xx49-4207-7379


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